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I do not endorse any of the vendors listed here. They are here to provide a service to readers of my web site.




A very informative site with a great deal of information on Nikon Camera and Lenses:

Another useful site this one about medium format cameras:

For information about Graflex Cameras here is a very useful site:

Here's a site with information about digital cameras:

Here's a great place for reviews, news and forums for the digital photography world:

This is a useful online magazine:

And here is a site for Nikon users:



This site is a source for those missing manuals (for a price of course):

This fellow performs AI conversions on old Nikon glass:

If you need a special sync of other cord:



If you want a large format camera but would like to build one from a kit look here:

Nikon USA

Pentax - you can find manuals for old and new Pentax cameras and accessories here:

Sekonic - A source for some excellent light meters:

Mamiya - for now?



Adorama - a NYC vendor I have use several times:

B&H - Another NYC vendor, I haven't used them yet but I have only heard good things.

Samys - Locate in L.A area - haven't used them because I would have to pay sales tax.



For Hubble Space Telescope pictures try this site: